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Food and Drink

In England you must be over 18 to drink or purchase alcohol. By law most Pubs or bars (Public Houses) around the country stop serving alcohol at 11, however there are exceptions. For example, hotels are exempt from this law and some bars manage to get around the law by turning themselves into clubs, which generally are allowed to stay open till 2 a.m.
Restaurants generally stop serving food at about 10 pm. However fast food restaurants stay open a little longer. A typical restaurant meal will cost you about 15 a person with drinks costing extra. Hotel restaurants are usually a little more expensive depending on the hotel. Expect to pay a lot for food in London. McDonald’s, at the time of writing costs less then 3 for a meal almost everywhere, with other fast food restaurants costing more or less the same amount.
We recommend that you pay a visit to one of the many Bella Pasta’s In England. We have found the service to be good and the food great value for money.