UK Travel Guide

A to Z


There are many things for children to do in the United Kingdom. If you want to take your children to theme parks try Lego Land in Windsor. Your children will love it and you probably will too. If your Children are older you might want try Alton Towers. This is a theme park with roller coasters and other rides, but if you have a limited amount of time to spend in the United Kingdom we do not recommend going to Alton Towers, although fun it is just like any other theme park. The best place to be if you have children is London. In London you will find Hamley’s. This store is a must visit attraction, it advertises itself as the worlds biggest toy store and is a wonderful place for children. The London Toy and Model Museum is also worth a visit as are the many other museums in London, some of which are world renowned like the Natural History Museum. Another must see in London is the London Zoo, Adults and children alike will love this extraordinary zoo.