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Booking ones hotel accommodations in advance is advisable. There are many good hotels in the United Kingdom but make sure that you find out what the hotel's rating is, as they have been given this rating for a reason. You can choose to stay in either a large hotel or a small country hotel. If you are looking for something in between we recommend staying at a Best Western hotel. In the United Kingdom Best Western Hotels are generally independently owned and operated and pay a fee to Best Western who provide central reservations for the hotel. Room rates vary greatly within the United Kingdom, but generally expect to pay 100 for a good quality room in one of the major cities. You might end up paying more if you choose to stay in the center of London. We advise that you book your accommodations in advance, as it is usually cheaper this way.

The Hotel Rating System:

Points range from between one and five stars, five stars being the highest possible rating. The way it works is hotels lose points for features they don’t have or for services they don’t provide. For example, a multilevel hotel without an elevator would not be able to achieve a rating above three stars. Some hotels are underrated because of facilities they don’t have, but still offer superb service. So be aware that some hotels with fewer services and thus a lower overall rating may be better than a hotel with various services. It is important that one researches potential Hotels in order to gain a better perspective on services rendered and which might be best suited to their needs.

We will be expanding this section in the near future to include specific hotels in the United Kingdom.