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Bodiam Castle

Description: Bodiam Castle is another magnificent specimen of the typical medieval castle, compact with symmetrical towers and positioned in the middle of a moat. Like Warwick Castle it was and is more a wonderfully fortified manor house rather than a fortress or castle. It was built by Sir Dalyngrigge in 1385 to keep out an impending French invasion which never materialised. Its wide moat put it out of range of the day’s cannon but during the English Civil war it was overrun by the Parliamentarians and as with many other castles was badly destroyed. Not until 1917 did restoration work commence at the direction of Lord Curzon, and at great expense the works were completed in 1925.
Time Line: Coming Soon
Notes: The castle is open to the public from 14th February to 1st November. Telephone the National Trust on (01580)-830436 for more details.