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Margate in Kent

Margate is historical tourist spot and was once a busy commercial port. In its hey-day, Margate attracted thousands of visitors a day. The pier and an amusement park called Dreamland, which has a roller coaster from 1863, are the highlights of the beach area. Margate surfboats have an important past as they were used as lifeboats to help vessels, which were sinking or had run aground, and a statue at Nayland Rock commemorates them. The bathing machine, invented by Benjamin Beale, which created a hanging tent over the water, so that men or women could bathe without curious onlookers invading their privacy. These machines were in use in Margate around 1750 and became popular all over Britain and wherever Britainís influence was felt. The Margate Caves and the Shell Grotto are both fascinating and are great places to spend a hot afternoon.