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Blackpool in Lancashire

Originally a fashionable resort reserved exclusively for the wealthy in the 1800’s, Blackpool has become the place for fun activities as well as rest and relaxation. Once built in 1846, the railway provided affordable transportation thus triggering the town’s popularity among all types of holiday seekers. An assortment of amusements such as bowling greens, golf courses, winter and rose gardens, several piers, arcades, and children's playgrounds, entice people to swarm to Blackpool. Casinos and live shows also provide ample entertainment throughout the night. Most of these attractions can be found on the seven-mile long promenade where the famous illuminated tram runs. Additionally, the amusement park Pleasure Beach features the world's highest roller coaster, and located directly on the beachfront, a 518-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower, the Black Pool Tower, stands. An aquarium, zoo, and circus are located inside the structure as well as a breathtaking view from the top.