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Leicester in Leicestershire

Leicester, a city in Central England discloses the traces of medieval and Roman heritage. Since the eighteenth century, Leicester has been the center of trading opportunities, and it was this particular industry that captivated the Asians into immigrating.
Located in the center of the city is Leicesterís Victorian clock tower that stands between the bus and train stations. Just a short distance from the tower is The Jewry Wall, one of Leicesterís most famous landmarks. It is a Roman structure eighteen feet high and seventy-three feet long that contains the cityís archaeological collections that are almost 300,000 years old to date.
Another interesting place to visit is the City Museum in New Walk, which contains ancient Egyptian artifacts and a collection of Victorian and German artwork. This museum truly exemplifies Leicesterís historical background.
However, Leicester isnít just a place to enjoy the cultural past, it is a city of nightly entertainment. Tourists come to this city to browse the bazaars and eat in the renowned Indian restaurants such as Bobbyís and then head towards the city-center cafť-bars for a night of dancing!