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Uffington in Lincolnshire

The majestic white horse reigns over this town from White Horse Hill. This disjointed white steed was carved into the ground on the upper slopes of Uffington Castle approximately 3000 years ago only 1.5 miles south of the village. Britian’s oldest and most famous hill figure is believed to have had religious significance as either a representation of a Celtic horse goddess, Epona or the mythological dragon slain by St. George. A truly impressive sight being 374 feet long, 110 feet in height with hollows some 5-10 feet wide and 2-3 feet deep. The best place to view the horse, excluding an aerial view, is from the nearby Dragon Hill, since its form cannot really be made out from close up. If it were not for the maintenance of the National Trust Fund, this animal hill sculpture may have been lost to overgrowth long ago like other hill figures. There are even festivals held in July on White Horse Hill which mimic the ancient pastime of “The Scouring of the Horse”. Formerly a religious festival because of the event’s old roots, but it is now more family and fun orientated. Some of the events include: mystery Plays, a jingling match, tug-of-war, races (for cheeses), bowling for a pig, children's pageant, coconut shy, kite flying, foot races (for children), mummers, and much, much more. There are stalls and booths offering for sale goods of high quality, refreshment stalls, barn dance, and even a torchlight procession from White Horse Hill to the village of Uffington. There is also a White Horse Show, which the village host as a fund-raising event for town projects. There are also wonderful displays of birds, historic vehicles, stationary engines, animals, and there is even a craft tent. Other activities include golf driving, bus driving, or taking a ride in the helicopter. Yet, what would the show be without horses? A charming 71horse pony show gives the event its character.