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Wantage in Oxfordshire

Wantage is a stoic town with rustic roots it is now an exchange place or a location from which most travelers begin their journey to Oxford being only twelve miles southwest of the city. With many conveniently scheduled buses leaving to and coming from Oxford and Didcot roll in through its cobble-stoned streets about every hour. Made infamous from being the birthplace of King Alfred the Great, there are many landmarks devoted to his memory like the gorgeous statue that lies in the center of the square. At the base of the statue lays in slightly faded words: Alfred found learning dead and he restored it Education neglected and he revived it The laws powerless and he gave them force The church debased and he raised it The land ravaged by a fearful enemy from which he delivered it Alfred’s name will live as long as mankind shall respect the past In addition to its embedded historical importance, in some parts of this town spurt signs of modernization. Newly renovated and constructed shopping centers including the “in town” mega-market make marvelous accessions to the Wantage Business Park. There is also an obvious rhythm blowing through the air there especially during the month long art and music festivals in June and July. Furthermore caroling can be heard throughout the streets on Dickensian evening before Christmas as the Town Mayor and Crier lead the people in song. Near the bottom of the Downs are many racing stables on the outskirts of the village. Though even this contemporary sport has the marking of the ancient in the neighboring, most likely Pre-Romantic, Ridgeway track that expands from Ashbury to Streatley on the Thames.