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Telford in Shropshire

A unique industrial city, Telford encompasses two different urban designs. Dubbed as New Town, the modern section of Telford was built in 1968. The contemporary layout of this area comprises of administrative buildings, shopping centers, and residential homes all strategically networked and connected by tree-lined streets. Inside Telford’s boundaries are also more historic sites including Wellington, which has a 750-year-old market, and Coalbrookdale, where the Industrial Revolution began in 1709. These contrasting facets exemplify how Telford reaches for its future while continuing to preserve its dear history.

Central Telford boasts a 450-acre countryside park with a lake. Many pleasant walks at the park allow visitors to see the National Cherry Collection, and the Silkin Way meanders for fourteen miles through Telford. With something for everyone, the park offers rental boats at Southwater Lake as well as various playgrounds. Also for children, Telford features a Wonderland with favorite nursery rhyme characters and a picnic area.