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Felixstowe in Suffolk

The port city of Felixstowe is one of the busiest in Europe. It is the largest container port in Britain. Before the port was opened in 1886, Felixstowe was only a small town. The owners of the 700-acre port have catered to the people and set up the John Bradfield Viewing Area. This area has information about the unloading processes that can be seen from the observation point, as well as panoramic views of the harbor. From the viewing area, one can see some of the world’s largest ships pull in and unload their cargoes. Felixstowe is not just a shipping port; it is also a beachfront community. The city’s pier attracts many people who want to relax and play on the various amusements situated on the pier. Another important sight in Felixstowe is the Landguard Fort. This fort is significant because it marks the spot where the last foreign force invaded in English history. Forces of about two thousand Dutch soldiers were the last to attempt to storm the fort in July of 1667. Landguard is also an important conservation area, with 58 acres of nature reserve and many different species of flora and fauna, including many rare and endangered species.