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Reigate in Surrey

Reigate, is located in southern England, and was named after the two residents of the district. Though the atmosphere of the town is residential, there is a lot of open space preserved for parks, outdoor sports and recreational facilities. The open area provides an excellent opportunity for walking or horseback riding. This town is in fact a center for tourists to explore the delights of South East England with its rich in countryside and history.
The town of Reigate is steeped in history and tradition. For instance, the now demolished Reigate Castle was constructed at the location of a defence system. Though most of this castle has disappeared, paying a visit to the Castle Grounds and the Baron's Cave underneath, are well worthwhile. The Castle Grounds is set in a lovely garden, and offers a view of the town. The Barons' Cave below the Castle is haunted by mystery since nobody knows why the cave was built nor for what reason. It is believed that the caves may have been used as vaults for storage space, or as an hidden passage to escape from attackers.