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Upton upon Severn in Worcestershire

As its name indicates, Upton Upon Severn, is located just off the banks of the river Severn. The river was most likely carved out by a glacier moving enormous boulders from the Welsh mountains during the ice age. Evidence of this prehistoric event can be seen in town where a large basalt block is still lodged in the Tarmac. A lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of this river by the town's folk because much of the town's history is centered around it. For example, the Battle of Upton was turning point during the Civil War between Worcester and Glouster because the only stone bridge connecting the two towns was located there. Today Upton is a quaint little market town that prides itself on its hospitality and small-town intimacy. In speaking to one of the locals, one can learn about the legend of Thomas Bound's ghost. His ghost was known to haunt the neighborhood on horseback where he committed suicide. During his lifetime he had allegedly murdered two of his three wives and forged the will of his last on her deathbed. The appearance of this apparition was once so frequent that his ghost had to be exorcized. Also connected to this spirit is the tale of his wooden legged, one-eyed cat. The ghost of his cat could be heard clunking down the street, playing his fiddle. He supposedly can be heard today on those really quiet nights.