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Orkney in Orkney

ORKNEY Islands lie off the Northern tip of Scotland where the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Orkney is divided into three district regions, North Isles, South Isles and Mainland, Mainland being the group’s largest island. Visit the island and see the evidence of it’s historical background, visit the houses and tombs some 5000 years old, the medieval churches, the 2000 year old brochs and the Renaissance palaces. Eating and drinking is always a pleasant experience, Orkney is renowned for its whiskies and ales and the foodstuffs are outstanding, when you have had your fill, stroll to visit the craft section with it’s own visitors’ trail. For those who like the excitement of diving there are many interesting sunken wrecks in Scapa Flow, midnight golf, a first for many, and exclusive in the northern isles and ofcourse fishing in the well stocked lochs or in the sea.