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Armagh in Armagh

ARMAGH has always been known as the Spiritual capital of Ireland for around 1500 years. Armagh is the seat for both Catholic and Protestant Archbishops. Visit the Planetarium which has been upgraded for visitors and scientists, and the Eartharium with displays examining the earth’s core, surface and atmosphere. Visit the St. Patrick’s Trian located in three 18th and 19th century buildings, known for the city’s historic division into three districts. The story of Armagh is depicted with illustrated wall panels, narrative explanations, audio visuals and sound effects exploring the evolution of belief and focusing on earlier times, the Viking invasions and Patrick’s arrival in Armagh. There are a few interesting villages on the outskirts of Armagh worth visiting like, Keady with it’s derelict watermills and large trout lakes. Richhill with it’s castle, furniture shops, and many others to visit.