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Stockport in Cheshire

The town of Stockport is situated in the Cheshire county, at the mouth of the Tame and Goyt Rivers.. Originally, Stockport was a defensive site with the castle, market place and a church on the hilltop. The red stonework on which Stockport's market is located, guards the ford over the River Mersey and a former trade route. Because of trading prospects and its ideal location near a ford, the population of the town increased. Stockport has grown to become an outstanding location with easy entry to the local and national roads. In fact, many of the leading industrial companies have been flourishing within the region.
During your stay, be sure to visit the Alton Towers just nearby. In the summer months, this holiday getaway stages a fantastic show, featuring the Royal Marines Commando Team. Children and adults will definitely be in awe of this action-packed event, along with the mock battles and their special sound effects. In October, the Alton Towers have fireworks along with a lovely laser and lighting spectacular for everyone in the family. The other attractions within Stockport include the Bramall Hall, Chadkirk Chapel and St Mary's Parish Church, and the Stockport Museum.