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Yetminster in Dorset

One of the best-built stone villages a person will ever lay their eyes on. If youíre in the area this old-fashioned town is worth a brief pass through. Almost everything in this place is molded out of yellowish-orange limestone creating an awesome sight. Located next to the river Wriggle there is an aura of patriotism in this town. From a 300-year-old faceless clock the bells rings out the National Anthem six times a day. Unfortunately, a person has to climb up about 50 steps to the belfry just to wind up the movements each time it needs to be tolled. Usually a lazy town, except for around the second Saturday of July when one of the oldest and biggest fairs occurs here. The Yetminster fair started in the 13th century from a charter granted to the Bishop of Salisbury whose manor lay in Yetminster. The first Yetminster St. Andrews Scout Troop was where the members of the Yetties started out singing in the 50ís. By 1964 they had started their own folk club in the neighboring town of Yeovil. Guests from all over the country and world would go there to sing with them, the most famous of which was Paul Simon. In 1967, the Yetties became professional soon after grew into the most popular folk group of England.