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Ryde in Hampshire

Ryde is situated on the northeastern coast of the Isle of Wight, at the site of a former village called La Rye. The main street in Ryde is Union, where you will spot a wide range of shops, including the Royal Victoria Arcade, famous for its clothing and fashion accessories. Right behind this arcade is St Thomas's church, which was just renovated to accommodate the British Australian Heritage Society's exhibition. This exhibition commemorates arrival of the first fleets that landed here from Australia. As the islandís principal tourist town, Ryde has developed into an attractive holiday resort, and a pleasant Victorian town with full holiday facilities. Near the beaches, vacationers can enjoy playing golf on the putting green, go ice-skating, bowling, browse through the arcades and cafes along the sea. The walkway extends from the sea wall to the canoe lake and Appley Gardens. It is from here where you can walk through oak woods and catch a glimpse of the shipping and the three Solent Forts. Just a short walk ahead, is the Puckpool Park. This park offers vacationers a game on the tennis courts, bowling or just time to have a drink of coffee in the cafes