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Winchester in Hampshire

Located near the River Itchen, Winchester is an historical city with many magnificent structures. William built the Conqueror the castle in 1235, but it was almost completely destroyed by Parliament during the Civil War. All that remains is Castle Hall located near Westgate. The legendary King Arthur's Round Table can be seen here.

Built in 1079, Winchester Cathedral is the longest medieval Cathedral in Britain. Much of the original Norman design remains despite the many modifications that have been made. The highlight of the cathedral is the perpendicular nave that leads up to the beautifully carved choir-stalls.

The Winchester Cathedral library contains over 400 books and an exhibition room displaying the 12th century Winchester Bible. Many tombs can be seen in the crypt, including the grave of Jane Austen. The cathedral is open regularly to visitors, but keep in mind that the crypt is flooded during the winter months.

Founded in 1136 by Bishop de Blois as a home for the poor, the Hospital of St. Cross is now an almshouse where its customers receive bread and ale as it was served centuries ago.