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Commonwealth Institute

The Commonwealth Institute opened the Galleries to the public in June 2000 with its first season in a new programming schedule, which aims to cover all regions and continents of the Commonwealth in turn. The first exhibition is 'Australia Dreaming' which celebrates the energy and vitality of this great Southern Land and runs from 24 June to 25 November 2000 which coincides with the Centenary of the Federation of Australia and the Sydney Olympics. Exhibitions during 2000: New Directions - Aboriginal Australia and business communities 24 June - 8 October Night Skies - photographic images of deep space 24 June - 8 October/26 October - 25 November Private Eye - Digital images of multicultural Australia 24 June - 8 October/26 October - 25 November Australia - Our Sporting Life 24 June - 18 July Visa Photographic Collection - Olympic athletes 5 September - 25 November

Located at: Kensington High Street , London, W8

Telephone: 020-7603 4535

Opens: Tuesday to Sunday - 10.00 to 17.00

Cost: Free

Closest Subway Station: HighStreet Kensington (Click to see more atrraction at this station)