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Royal Opera House

The original theatre built on the site of a convent garden, opened in 1732 and was one of only two theatres permitted to perform 'legitimate' theatre. In 1804 a 13-year-old caused great excitement when he made his London debut in a Shakespearean tragedy and it is recorded that the parliament of the day was adjourned to enable members to see his Hamlet. That theatre was burnt down in 1808 with the loss of many fir-fighter's lives, but only a year later a replacement theatre opened on the site. Fire claimed this second theatre in 1856. The present building, the Royal Opera House, dates from 1858. With little change until the extensions and refurbishment in the 1980's it has been the traditional home of Opera in London. Used as a furniture warehouse during the First World War and as a dance hall in the Second World War, the theatre has since then, staged ballet as well as opera.

Located at: Covent Garden, London, WC2

Telephone: 020 7401 9919

Opens: Depends on Show

Cost: phone for current prices

Closest Subway Station: Covent Garden Station (Click to see more atrraction at this station)