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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace was a centre of court life in England from 1529 to 1737, playing host to many of the most important events and characters in English history. The palace witnessed several royal births, deaths and marriages, including the birth of the future King Edward VI and, only days later, the death of his mother Jane Seymour - Henry VIII's third and favourite wife. Hampton Court Palace contains an important part of the largest private collection of art in the world, the Royal Collection, the property of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This collection, which spans some 500 years, is remarkably complete and Hampton Court contains much of the most important material from the 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries. On Easter Monday, 31 March 1986, a terrible fire swept through the King's Apartments at Hampton Court causing extensive damage. During the fire the roof collapsed sending tons of timbers and molten lead crashing into the rooms below. When the fire was finally put out the rooms were full of waterlogged debris and open to the elements. A six-year restoration project started immediately and the King's Apartments were transformed in appearance to the way they were when they were completed for William III in 1700. Hampton Court is also the location of the world famous maze and it can feel quite satisfying to reach the centre when you can hear others stuck in the maze trying to find their friends and family, as well as the centre or the way out. The gardens are open all year round from 7.00am until dusk. There is no admission charge for the gardens. You can get there by mainline train from Waterloo to Hampton Court Station, or you may want to travel by River Launch from Westminster, Kingston-upon-Thames or Richmond-upon-Thames.

Located at: Hampton Court, Kingston-upon-Thames, London,

Telephone: 020 8781 9500

Opens: Mid-March to Mid-October, Mondays 10.15-18.00, Tuesday - Sunday 09.30-18.00, Mid-October to Mid-March, Mondays 10.15-16.30, Tuesday - Sunday 09.30-16.30

Cost: Adults 10.50, Students and senior citizens 8.00,

Closest Subway Station: N/A (Click to see more atrraction at this station)