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Florence Nightingale Museum

This museum opened in 1989 and is situated in the northeastern part of St. Thomas’ hospital. It is where she worked and founded the world’s first school of nursing in 1860 having spent a two year period from 1854 – 1856 caring for soldiers in the Crimean War. It was also in 1860 that she published perhaps her best known work ‘ Notes on Nursing’ which has been translated into a dozen foreign languages and is still in print today. In the museum one can see her personal mementoes, letters, manuscripts of her works, clothing, furniture, books and of course the lantern which, legend has it, she carried on her rounds and by which she became known as “the Lady of the Lamp”. There are also relics and military and nursing items from the Crimean War.

Located at: On the site of St Thomas' Hospital 2 Lambeth Palac, London, SE1

Telephone: 020 7620 0374

Opens: Monday - Friday 10:00am to 17:00pm Weekends11:30am to 16:30pm

Cost: Adult: 4.80, Child: 3.60

Closest Subway Station: Waterloo Station (Click to see more atrraction at this station)