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Old Operating Theatre Museum

Located in St. Thomas’ hospital, St. Thomas Street, this is the country’s only surviving operating theatre. It was discovered in the 1950s and after some restoration work opened to the public in 1956. It depicts how things were in the surgery and offers an insight into medicinal practices at that time. On show is a 19th century operating table and other relics and remnants of the era. There is a fascinating collection of objects revealing the horrors of medicine before the age of science. Includes instruments for cupping, bleeding, trepanning, and child-birth. There are new displays on medieval monastic health care, the history of St Thomas's, Guy's and the Evelina Children's Hospitals, Florence Nightingale and nursing, medical and herbal medicine.

Located at: St. Thomas Street, London, SE1

Telephone: 020 7955 4791

Opens: Daily 10.30am - 5pm

Cost: 3.25 Adults 2.50Concessions 1.60 School Pupils

Closest Subway Station: London Bridge Station (Click to see more atrraction at this station)