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Youth Hostels

The Youth Hostel association has more than 200 Youth hostels throughout the United Kingdom. Gone are the days when youth hostels were places where one shared a room and a bathroom with 20 other people. Most hostels now feature what some might consider luxury facilities, some even with ensuite shower facilities.
The youth hostels can be broken down into four separate categories:
  • Busy city hostels which offer a fast paced atmosphere for people on the go.
  • Larger hostels which cater for groups and often have a wide range of activities and facilities.
  • Medium sized hostels often situated in the country or on the coast which cater to families, groups and individual travelers.
  • Small Youth hostels normally located in more remote areas of idyllic beauty.
With Hostels divided into these four catagories it is often easy to find the type most suited to one's individual needs.