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Penzance in Cornwall

Penzance, a friendly town with a united community, is located at the northwest corner of Mountís Bay, a vast stretch of water that runs from Landís End to Lizard Point. It was named "Pen Sans," meaning "Holy Headland", and refers to the area where Christians established a chapel one thousand years ago. Since that time, it has been a thriving commercial center for the Land's End peninsula. There are numerous historic sites to visit in Penzance such as the Egyptian House, the Maritime Museum and the Penlee House Gallery and Museum. Originally, the Egyptian House was constructed in 1835 to accommodate a geological museum, but was unfortunately abandoned until its restoration approximately twenty years ago. Another place of interest, the Maritime Museum holds a collection of seafaring equipment, recovered items from shipwrecks, and an entire section dedicated to an eighteenth=century man-of-war. The Penlee House Gallery and Museum is located in the Penlee Memorial Park and has a collection of archaeological artifacts that reflect the culture of the people and history of the town. The gallery holds a collection of the works by Stanhope Forbes and Walter Langley. Penzance enjoys a mild climate, while blooming spring flowers and vegetation reveal the temperate weather conditions experienced here. The Morrab Gardens is home to three acres of and tropical flowers help add a colorful blend and flavor to the natural environment.