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Plymouth in Devon

The largest city in the Southwest, Plymouth is broken up into three main sections: the Barbarican with narrow streets and old houses; the modern central section, with many new buildings erected after the war; and the Hoe, the famous park and promenade overlooking the harbour. Bombs had destroyed much of the city during World War II, but much rebuilding has been done since then. The oldest surviving building in the city, the Plymouth Gin Distillery has been making gin for well over two hundred years. This building is also the site where the Pilgrims had met at before sailing off to America.

The Mayflower left from the Plymouth port in 1620. The Island House was where the Pilgrims had spent their last night in England before departing for America, and the Mayflower Steps are located on the pier.

Just north east of Plymouth is Dartmoor National Park, over 90,000 acres of open country land. This is the perfect area for horseback riding, camping and hiking. More information on these activities is available at the Dartmoor National Park Authority Headquarters located in nearby Bovey Tracey. The Museum of Dartmoor Life in Okehampton describes the history of Dartmoor showing exhibits on early farming machinery, a reconstructed cider press, and a selection of old vehicles and many more.