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Verwood in Dorset

Located on the western border of the New Forest, Verwood whose name means beautiful wood is a wonderfully juxtaposed town. The remnants of a once infamous and flourishing pottery industry are embedded in this town. Between the 15th and 19th century, this town throve on the production of a wide rang of wheel-spun forms of jars, pots, porringers bowls, dishes, cups, candlesticks, etc. Though they manufactured many different varieties of pottery, Verwood became noted for its distinctive yellowish-green glazed crafts. Despite its early success, much of what is found in this town is fairly modern. Even the local church was only built in the last century. Now a rapidly expanding town, due much to its rich location in one of the most visited and lovely counties in England. There exist a great variety of activities of things to do in and around Verwood including visiting the Dorset Heavy Horse Center, exploring the heathland, picnicking on Pistle Down, or getting sand stuck between your toes in the beach.