UK Travel Guide

A to Z

Things to see

London’s lights at Christmas time - This is always worth seeing. London is truly magical in winter.
Bath in Bloom - Bath is well known for its flower display in the summer. To fully appreciate this it is worth spending some time visiting all the parks and public gardens.
Stratford-Upon-Avon - Good to see at any time of the year. This is the home of Shakespeare and still the centre of Shakespearean Plays.
The Formula One race- if you are into motor racing this is the race to see. England is one of only a few countries to hold a race every year since the beginning of Formula One in the 1950's. The atmosphere at this event is electric. This year it is held during the beginning of July and it advisable to book early.
Stonehenge - Worth seeing the mystic site and to experience it's age and mystery.
British commercials - Television commercials are said to be the best in the world. Many of them are even better than the shows they come between.
Oxford - Oxford is simply a stunning city. If it is on your itinerary, try to experience as much of Oxford as possible, you will not soon forget it.