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The easiest way to get around London is by using the underground, more commonly known as the tube. Most underground lines operate between the hours of 6am and 12:30 am, with less frequent runs on Sundays and Holidays. Tickets can be purchased at the tube station window or machine, prices vary depending on which zone you wish to travel in. An all day travel card costing around pound;5 should be all that the average traveler will need to travel the underground. Tube maps can be found at all the tube stations they are posted on the walls. We also recommend buying a post card of the tube map it costs 10-20p and will be invaluable. It is cheaper then buying a map and will make you look less like a tourist.
Do not lose your ticket during the journey even if you are only going one way, as you will need it to get out at the end of your trip. If you don’t have it at the end of your journey you will have to pay an added fee.