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Newburgh in Lancashire

A small ancient village established before the Norman Invasion of 1066, Newburgh had been awarded the Best Kept Village Award by the Wayfarers Restaurant and Accommodations in 1989. The Earl of Derby owned the village during the time of the Civil war and had lived with his French wife, the Countess Charlotte de la Tremoille, in Lathom Castle. Newburgh’s early villagers were mostly tenant farmers, coal miners and canal builders. Since the fourteenth century, the festival of Fair Day continues to be held at the village. Celebrated in June for two nights and three days St. Barnabas Day, Fair Day has merry-go-rounds, toffee stalls, and other amusements. From the nineteenth century, the Red Lion Inn still serves customers, while the old Horse and Jockey Inn has been converted into a post office. On Smithey Lane, the Village School has been coed educational establishment since 1714.