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Lewes in East Sussex

Situated in East Sussex on the banks of the River Ouse, Lewes is a mixture of Georgian and medieval buildings which line the High Street and narrow lanes. An outstanding feature of the city center is Lewes Castle, built by William de Warenne after the Norman invasion. Visitors can get a beautiful view of the town and catch a glimpse of the river and forest from the Castle towers. In order to fully appreciate this beauty, visit the Barbican House Museum and watch “The Story of Lewes Town”, an audiovisual show that highlights the rich history of Lewes. You can also find the Anne of Cleaves House, a 16th century house that was part of Anne’s divorce settlement from Henry VIII in 1541. The house contains an extensive collection of Sussex pottery, and is furnished to replicate an earlier period of England’s history. This city is so steeped with rich culture that it gives visitors a feeling of reliving the historical experience for themselves.