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Leadenhall Market

This was established in the 14th century although there is evidence that strongly suggests a Roman fort once stood on the site. Following a survey in the 1880s, possibly at the time the present building was constructed, sections of the fort were found in the basements of some of the shops in the market. The market was named after Leaden Hall, a manor house which once occupied the site. In the 15th century it was appointed by Dick Whittington (former Lord Mayor of London) as a place from which to market foodstuffs and although the original buildings were destroyed in 1666 the site has continued to serve food to Londoners for more than five centuries. It became very well known for selling game, poultry, meat and fish and even today these products are still sold here in large abundance although there are other stalls selling general food items. It is a fine Victoriam building and it is well worth looking at the iron and glass architecture. It is open Monday through Friday and the best time to visit is early lunchtime.

Located at: Whittington Ave, Gracechurch St, London, EC1

Telephone: n/a

Opens: Monday through Friday

Cost: free

Closest Subway Station: Bank Station (Click to see more atrraction at this station)