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Wareham in Dorset

The tainted ruins of Corfe Castle is the main source for the popularity of this originally Saxon town. The scene of the malicious murder of Edward the Martyr in 978 by his stepmother, to clear the way for her own son Ethlred. The castle had also been a strong fortress masterfully defended by Lady Bankes until one of her own men eventually betrayed the castle to the Roundheads, where it was slashed down to its present gapping condition by gun powder. There are also a few curious churches with interesting tales behind them. Just a couple of examples are the Lady St. Mary’s Church holds the coffin of Edward the Martyr museums and The St. Martin’s Church with its achromatic twelfth-century mural of St. Martin. St. Martin’s also harbors enchanting effigy of T.E. Lawrence, which was formally en route to Salisbury Cathedral, but was rejected do to disproval of the Dean because of the claims of Lawerence’s sexual escapades. Local museums contain charming memorabilia of Lawerence’s.