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Yateley in Hampshire

Home of the lush Yateley Common Country Park, which is 476 acres of precious heath land, woods, grassland and ponds. "Heath land is one of the rarest habitats in the world. It is even more threatened than the rain forest,Ē says Prof. David Bellamy**** ( Yately Common was acquired by the Hampshire County Council in the year 1964 and is now maintained by the Planning Department. Itís beauty masks the fact that the Common, like most of Britainís countryside the result of human hands. The result of much clearing during the Bronze Age combined with continuous grazing, and many other stripping practices, setting the way for plants like heather and gorse to grow. This conservation is a must see not only for itís rare beauty, but also for itís education value being register as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its significance for wildlife. With over 1000 species having already been noted to exist on Yately Common and more remain to be found, it remains a jewel that must be carefully preserved.