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Hexham in Northumberland

An ancient market town located along the Tyne River, Hexham flaunts an historic grandeur. The town of Hexham gradually grew around the church that St. Wilfred had built in the seventh century, and it was rebuilt in the twelfth century after a Viking attack. Many treasures from the past can be found in Hexham including an ancient crypt that was salvaged from the original church, the Frith Stool where Northumbrian kings were crowned, and a beautiful Anglo-Saxon cross which hangs above the tomb of Bishop Acca.

Fourteen miles North of Hexham, Hadrian's Wall stretches for 73 miles from the North Sea to the Irish Sea. Constructed by Emperor Hadrian in 122 A.D., the wall along with numerous forts had defended the Roman Empire against the barbarians. Much of this remarkable Roman structure still stands and tours are given daily during the summer months