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St Ives in Cambridgeshire

St Ives, a pleasant market town near the River Great Ouse, is a a short drive from Cambridge and stands 26 feet above sea level. Over the year, many individuals have concluded that St. Ives was covered by the sea, since fossils of corals and the remains of mammoths, elephants and hippopotamuses have been found here.
This town is rich in history and its cultural heritage. One of the attractions of this town is a 15th century bridge. In 1420, the original structure was replaced with the stone, and it is this bridge that stands at the present. It is interesting to note that this bridge has a small stone chapel halfway across it that once served as a tollhouse. In 1539, when the St Ives priory closed down, it was used as a shop, an inn, and later as a house.
If you enjoy exploring the town’s history, The Norris Museum is just the right place to visit. Located at the west end of the Broadway, it is home to a history collection, artifacts, and everything ranging from the flints used in the stone age to ice skates used in the Fens.
Another site of interest is the Mill of Houghton. The mill began to operate with the making of a steam-driven corn mill in 1854, and continued operating until 1888 when inexpensive, American imports of grain made it hard to compete. The mill has now been restructured into apartments with a marina being built near it.